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Uploading 3DCG data can be done from your computer.

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 We support FBX, OBJ, GLTF, GLB, PLY, and many others.
    Save your textures, materials, meshes, etc. in the "model" folder. 
    You can upload it as "model.zip" as a ZIP file.
    If you have license files, please include them in the zip.

Upload a Original Certificate

Uploading the license certificate can be done from your computer.

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Pocket Collection

All of your journey starts
from Pocket Collection

Everything starts from your own private gallery.
Showcase your work. Sell works, make friends, do work that you like and make your dream come true.

About Pocket Collection

There are creators whose talents are not recognized.
We wanted to create a space where creators can work freely and safely.
Creators can show their talents without any limitation, that's Pocket collection.
You can show your work to anyone from any parts of the world and can communicate with them.
Why don't you take a step into a bigger world?


Let's use Pocket collection more!

We have different plans for different needs; such as people who do it
as a hobby, students, freelancers, workers, companies.
Your world starts from here.

Freeuntil Official Version.

If you want to sell you work, sell through Pocket Collection.

Lowest handling fee in the market with your rights to work is protected.

  • Rights

    Protect your rights The only copyrights management function in the market

  • Profit sharing

    Share profits on the works that involve multiple people.

  • Handling fee

    The kowest handling fee in the market

  • Direct message

    You can communicate directly.

Business Partners

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  • DMM.make


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Is membership registration free?
You can enjoy β version for free.
What's needed for membership registration?
Your name, email, and credit information are required for an identity verification.
I'm an enterprise, can I register for a membership?
You can register under a Business Plan.
What file formats do you use?
We support fltf (flb), fbx, obj, ply format. For obj format we support file with mtl as well.
What are the requirements to be a seller?
Seller is required to register for Pro Plan or higher. Seller needs to be 18 years or older and work's license must belong to the seller.
What can we sell?
You can sell 3D contents that are not infringing the rights of third parties such as copyrights and portrait rights, and does not violate the laws of Japan.
Is there going to be a fee to sell?
About commissions
At the time of sales transaction: 5.7345% at the expense of the buyer (including transaction fees)
At the time of withdrawal (when withdrawing sales): 10% of the sales price for the first data sale only, plusA transfer fee of 770 yen and 0.5% of the amount withdrawn will be charged as a settlement fee.
What is a derivative work?
Within the boundary of original creator's understanding, 3D model's modification is allowed.