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2022-02-24 06:31:58


This work was created using a technique called "graffito," which is an application of fresco using lime mortar. A thin layer of cream of lime is applied on top of the colored mortar, and while the lime is still soft and moist, the white of the surface is scraped off to reveal the colored mortar. In this technique, the painting must be completed in a limited amount of time before the water dries. The constraint imposed by water paradoxically means that the painting is possible because of the presence of water. The mortar, which has undergone a chemical transformation and has hardened, takes in carbon dioxide from the air instead of water and changes its nature to limestone, the raw material, to trap the painting. Artist: Hatsune Suzuki Suzuki creates her paintings within a limited time frame using the "graphete" technique of fresco. She spends time in close contact with nature, growing, gathering, and processing paper and other supports, paper and paint in the fields and mountains, and expresses these various experiences through her body in her paintings. Surrounded by wind, water, and earth, she depicts birds, animals, and spirits dancing in the ecosystem.

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