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2022-02-24 04:22:56


This is a work that gives shape to the "presence" of a cat. The parts of copper wire wound one by one by Nishijima represent the "time" he has spent. The parts of this "time" are collected and connected to form a shape. Cats, which casually "exist" and emit "signs," are a motif that Nishijima often uses. Cats are also used in the title of this work because of their role as a "tie" between people. The work is completed when the viewer completes the missing parts. Artist: Yuji Nishijima Nishijima winds copper wire into a coil and weaves it into multiple layers. He eloquently and richly describes his subject, by intentionally leaving a blank space in the overall image of a human or animal. The essence of the object is beyond the form, residing in the presence of the whole, bringing its existence into sharp relief. He also created many installation works.

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