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Tokyo Dango #04_Hibiya_Photogrammetry

2022-02-24 06:19:54


"Tokyo Dango" is a series of work that capture the city in dango. Rice is the only crop in Japan that is 100% self-sufficient in food. Rice has been a symbolic crop of Japan since ancient times, as described in the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) as the Land of Toyoashibara-no-Mizuho, a land of abundant, fresh rice. Rice has supported the lives and economy of the Japanese people for about 3000 years, and has given birth to their culture and beliefs. With rice as the main ingredient, the artist captures the city of Tokyo, which has twice recovered from the earthquake and the war, and is now confronting the pandemic. Artist: SUMIFUDE Taking the concept of the print in a broad context, she is engaged in cross-disciplinary replications on the theme of life and culture. She explores the possibilities of printing, copying, and tracing plates, and creates works such as a chair that incorporates the perspective of ukiyoe prints, and "Tokyo Dango" series, in which she copies urban spaces into dangos. The essence of her activities is to observe already existing objects and to copy them through herself.

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