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Impression La Mer × Indigolite

2022-02-24 04:15:34


"I use gems and minerals as motifs for my paintings, which focus on the themes of light and time. I mainly use a painting knife to paint on canvas, comparing and finding similarities between the various mental landscapes that appear and disappear in the crystals and works in art history. The motif of this work is blue tourmaline, and the view peeking out from the stripes of the columnar crystals reflects a multi-dimensional seascape that seems to condense the time axis, encompassing the concept of the sea itself while being a gem. In this work, the microscopic world of crystals and the macroscopic world of mental landscapes expand, and at the same time, by moving back and forth between the viewpoints of figuration and abstraction, I questioned the nature of our perceptual world. Although there are many aspects of mental landscapes that cannot be explained in words or pictorial expression, I would like to pursue painting purely on the basis of the intuitive inspiration I receive from motifs." Artist: HILO NAKATSUGAWA Born in 1987 in Tokyo and raised in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. Based on the motifs of crystals and jewels, he develops works on the themes of light, color, and time. Using the coexistence of dimensions of cubism as a clue, he aims to transcend modernist landscape painting by making full use of the multidimensional shifts of light in crystals.

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