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with a cloud of blood

2022-02-24 06:25:14


This piece is an accumulation of hand-dyed grains, the puffy shape reminiscent of clouds storing raindrops. The irregular and smooth movement of the work is almost like a living organism. Although each aperture grain is an independent entity, the way they breathe as a large cloud suggests that they are living together and responding to each other, just like human beings. This work expresses what I want people to feel now that the pandemic has made human connection more and more fragile. Please watch the video to see it in action. https://youtu.be/1u-wafzG-Kc Artist: Chisato Matsumoto She has studied traditional dyeing and weaving techniques, and continues to challenge new expressions in the contemporary world rooted in materials and techniques, through installations and performance activities. Through abstract spatial modeling based on the theme of "individuals and crowds," in which shibori is seen as a human figure, she captures the energy of contemporary society in her works.

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