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2022-02-24 05:35:00


By drawing various motifs in the reflection of the puddle, I am expressing what is believed to be a "house," but in reality could be a cat or a flower. The shadows of these motifs on the puddle also look different, suggesting the possibility of a new self that is not clearly visible at the moment, but certainly exists. This is an introspective work in which the artist consciously looks at herself, carefully observes the unnaturalness of her entrenched thoughts and preconceptions, and tries to learn more about her natural self. Artist: Mizuki Shigeta The light and flowers are sweetly depicted with soft colors and flowing lines. The objects, which at first glance could be considered girlish, are fantastically arranged to accentuate their innocent coquettishness. There is nothing grotesque in the dismantling and reorganization of representations, and the timeless Rococo style blends with the Japanese sense of beauty.

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Genealogical Diagram

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