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2022-02-24 05:30:50


In Japan, there is an awareness for “space” which is an attempt to harmonize opposites, of subtle and profound aesthetics. In his work, the artist attempts to harmonize the calm glow of the foil, its metallic and inorganic quiet impression, with the gorgeous and organic movement of the paint. In calligraphy, there is a technique called ""lying ink". When the brush is first applied, the paints are arranged based on the sense of distance to the paper and the splashes generated by the angle of the brush stroke. In addition, he arranges the paint with a sense of scattered writing using kana. Artist: Hisashi Akimoto Born in Tochigi prefecture in 1993 and currently lives in Tokyo. He challenges new expressions of calligraphy with his skillful technique. He dares to deviate from existing forms, and his calligraphy, freed from the constraints of form and color, evokes the cry of life. He expresses a fusion of contemporary color dance and tradition in the form of calligraphy. In his works, he tries to harmonize the calm glow of foil, the quiet impression of metallic and inorganic, and the gorgeous and organic movement of paint.

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